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When talking about migrants in France we need to speak English with care

The fact that they have arrived at an ‘unorthodox’ point, rather than an established border, does not mean that they have used ‘illegal’ means or have illegal intent, for reasons which should be obvious who spends a few minutes investigating the circumstances that brought most such people there. They cannot ARRIVE at a normal border-point, because they cannot LEAVE by one. Try fleeing Libya and going to the airport to catch a plane to Europe. Continue reading

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This election campaign has demeaned us all – but is no better than we deserve

The electorate, as Shirley Williams said a few weeks ago, needs to grow up. We cannot have Scandinavian levels of welfare and a world-class public health and social care system, education, and so on, AND try and pare down our deficit – let alone tackle the country’s gargantuan accumulated debt – with US levels of taxation. Continue reading

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Cheer and Droning in Las Vegas

I guess that all that radio listening finally paid off – David Crider, winner of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) dissertation award. It’s interesting how your pleasures and priorities change in life. When you’re young, and the world is like … Continue reading

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