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I'm a Senior Lecturer in journalism by 'trade'. My background is mainly in broadcasting, although I initially trained (and qualified!) as a newspaper journalist. I'm interested in what shapes people's views/attitudes, nature/wildlife, politics, reading, music (fairly varied but particular fondness from pop/rock/soul genres circa 1964-84 ish) and broadcasting history, as well as new technologies.

The Row Over the Tampon Tax Could Be a Straw in the Wind

It’s nearly always tax and/or wages that causes revolutions and wars, isn’t it? The Peasant’s Revolt in England (the subject of an excellent new book by Melvyn Bragg)…the English Civil Wars…the American war of Independence…the Bolshevik Russian Revolution…even the 1990 Poll … Continue reading

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Corbyn may not shoot Trident but he’s shooting the messenger

Sir Humphrey Appleby (HA): It’s a deterrent. Prime Minister (PM): It’s a bluff. I probably wouldn’t use it. HA: Yes, but they don’t know that you probably wouldn’t. PM: They probably do. HA: Yes, they probably know that you probably … Continue reading

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When talking about migrants in France we need to speak English with care

The fact that they have arrived at an ‘unorthodox’ point, rather than an established border, does not mean that they have used ‘illegal’ means or have illegal intent, for reasons which should be obvious who spends a few minutes investigating the circumstances that brought most such people there. They cannot ARRIVE at a normal border-point, because they cannot LEAVE by one. Try fleeing Libya and going to the airport to catch a plane to Europe. Continue reading

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Why the lack of social mobility is a threat to us all

“They all ended up going to the City to do jobs they didn’t understand, yet ended up making oodles of money.” Nic Newman, talking about his fellow pupils at his public (private) school, quoted in article by Nicholas Hellen, ‘How … Continue reading

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Confessions of a sub-teen and middle-aged ‘Avenger’

If the ‘swinging sixties’ didn’t manifest itself much where I lived, in a workaday town in the midlands of England, the stylishness, and sexiness of the time was at least represented ‘on the goggle box’ on a Saturday night.
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Can the UK be united ever again?

It is vital for our democracy and millions of lives that there is a credible, clearly competent and imaginative party and leadership, providing a viable opposition and a government-in-waiting – not one that will just wait for the current government to become hugely unpopular and tear itself apart. Continue reading

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This election campaign has demeaned us all – but is no better than we deserve

The electorate, as Shirley Williams said a few weeks ago, needs to grow up. We cannot have Scandinavian levels of welfare and a world-class public health and social care system, education, and so on, AND try and pare down our deficit – let alone tackle the country’s gargantuan accumulated debt – with US levels of taxation. Continue reading

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