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I'm a Senior Lecturer in journalism by 'trade'. My background is mainly in broadcasting, although I initially trained (and qualified!) as a newspaper journalist. I'm interested in what shapes people's views/attitudes, nature/wildlife, politics, reading, music (fairly varied but particular fondness from pop/rock/soul genres circa 1964-84 ish) and broadcasting history, as well as new technologies.

Radio 2 Needs An Overnight Salvation

That’s the thing about the nights…you don’t realise…how much of people’s lives you’ve become…the audience will no longer be having a friendly voice talking with them and holding a conversation with them…the output might be top class…but it won’t be the … Continue reading

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Brexiteers Should Back The Judges

There are many reasons for objecting to the EU and for wanting to leave it. Surely one of the most honorable and decent criticisms is that the supposed ‘pooled sovereignty’ between member nations has in fact resulted in, at best, a … Continue reading

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Get Your Fix On Election ’66

Pic: Copyright BBC If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development. Aristotle   Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact … Continue reading

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SaVILE and the BBC – class is ‘in plain sight’

    How did he get away with it? Why did no-one stop him? Why was everyone fooled by him?The report by Dame Janet Smith into the late Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse, directly or indirectly linked to his BBC work, … Continue reading

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Terry Wogan was even more important to our lives and our country than we realise

Wogan once proposed as his epitaph: “He looked like he didn’t know what he was doing”. Has he improved on that? “What about: ‘Out of shot at last’?” he suggests, jesting till the end.   In what may have been … Continue reading

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From the miners to Sports Direct, it’s a Dickens of a life

As in the classic capitalist mould, it appears the workers are treated just as units of production. There is no care, consideration or compassion, it seems. They are virtually chained to their work area and their every move is monitored. If they do not reach their targets they are shamed through loudspeaker announcements. If they have to take time off to cater for sick children their card is marked as being unreliable, so children are at home alone. Continue reading

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we could be just 18 months from the council stopping everything except that which it has to (no libraries, leisure centres, etc.) and just two and half years when it cannot even carry out its legal duties – providing care for the elderly in their homes, or funding ‘care packages’ in residential homes, caring for vulnerable children..” Continue reading

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